GREETINGS from attendees and others


August 17, 2009 

Hi Carole!

I love the idea of CERTIFICATE. Sorry I missed the last day reception at your house. I had to catch a flight that wouldn't have given me enough time to enjoy those happy hours. One again, THANKS for including me in in event at the very last minute. It was wonderful. Do it again.
Mes salutations cordiales a Boubakar.

Zekeh S. Gbotokuma 

June 29, 2009

Dear Carole and Babacar,

Thank you so much for inviting me to participate on the panel at the Caribbean Book and Art Fair to introduce my book "Beyond Lift Every Voice and Sing" for the first time to the public. It was a great honor and I enjoyed the conference and the intellectual environment that you are building in South Florida.


Paula Marie

Author of Beyond Lift Every Voice and Sing: The Culture of Uplift, Identity, and
Politics in Black Musical Theater,
Ohio State University Press

Paula Marie Seniors, PhD
Assistant Professor
Africana Studies
Department of Sociology
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
6th Floor McBryde Hall
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060
(540) 231-7205

Dear Carole,

Thank you for all you did to make  the Caribbean Book and Art Fair such a success.  Thank you also for the wonderful afternoon at your home.  Babacar is such a good cook.   I was honored to be included as a writer at the Book and Art Fair.

Best Wishes,

Zelma Edgell (Zee)

June 27, 2009

Hello Carol & Glen:

Just want to extend my deep appreciation to you both for the Book Fair. I had a wonderful time, and enjoyed the opportunity to share my work with a new audience.  Most importantly,  I was delighted to meet, reconnect and lime with fellow writers and artists from the Caribbean. I know the Fair will continue to grow and expand, and I wish you tremendous success.

Walk Good,
Opal Palmer Adisa

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RE: Greetings and Congratulations for Job Well-done at FIU

Thursday, August 24, 2006 12:52 PM

From: kd wakhungu ((Mama Khatundi (Tundi))

I wanted to congratulate you on the job well-done at FIU through the African New World Studies. Your real work just started. Now that you have freed yourself with direct administrative and stressful work with University administration, you have a base from which you could and can get more thing done for the ANWS and the community than before. I am fully aware that you are going to use every opportunity before you to its fullest.

I am pleased with what I see and what I envision your capacity to deliver.

I must thank you for being there for Tundi and other students. Tundi, like most students of African ancestry, has potential and burning desire to make a difference in the world. I tried to steer her to different fields, but she has always gone back to her childhood desires: global problems facing people of African ancestry mostly (mainly freedom and needs for clean water) She has now added female abuse and aids issues.

This brings me to my question I posed to you, while at your office not in its totality for the rashed time. She should not let that steam die. Since you are still an active member of African Studies Association (ASA), and since you were contemplating on attending the up-coming one in San Francisco, I thought we could come up with a panel or roundtable discussion to incorporate Tundi and any other of your students on Female problems that impede their freedom of participating fully in their communities and country. ASA sponsors student presenters. What away of encouraging your graduating students the stepping stones they need in their lives. I was active in as one part of the founders of the Africanist/Womens Steering Comm/African Language Program among others before my bad accident.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Again, it was great to meet you in person! I wanted to meet you early, but I was not able to especially when my beloved brother came over, Pedro Nouguera. I worked with him closely in California along with many others on that team that came over. Talk about fighting when he was school board member and I was dept. head for Multi-Cultural and Multi Ethnic Studies. Together, we won many battles and he will always be remembered by many.

Have a great Day!

kd wakhungu
(Mama Tundi)

A:  Per that day's talk, I have made a formal request to the ANWS new director regarding adding Swahili Language to the package; and I am sure the two of you will discuss to see possible ways of providing such needed portion to FIU students both graduate and undergraduate. While my focus was on Urban Landforms, Patterns and Lifestyles, my teaching experience were mostly on African women on the continent and Diaspora, Women's roles in general, (African ancestry's) Male-Female Relationship as well as African Languages and Cultures

B:  Thank you for the greetings and concern expressed on my behalf through Tundi! I am determined to make a stead comeback. She has been my main care-giver through her childhood to the point where I am now able and functional again. She needs the wings to fly as long as she knows she has caring extended family like you whose shoulders she must remember to rest on, stand on and spring from each day of her life as well as giving back. This is how we can pass on our ancestral knowledge into the future through them. They must know why we expect more from them than others because they cannot carry on our ancestral wisdom if we did not make sure they got it in them as a life-long marker into their lives. They remember those moments we looked at them and said: "You can do this and this is how".   |